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A successful company is simply a team with the ability to work towards a common vision utilising structured communication. By working together towards common organisational objectives, we empower “ordinary people” to attain extraordinary results.

Business Strategy​

Employee Engagement is essential to any business to increase overall performance and productivity through staff empowerment and development. This can be achieved through clear communication of the Vision and Mission statements for your business to allow your employees to join you on your journey to success.

The foundation of any Human Resources plan is to ensure that your operations, policies, and procedures all reflect your company values and how you would like to present your business to potential customers. Contact us for more information about aligning your HR strategy to fit with your business needs.

  • Vision
  • Mission Statements
  • Core Company Values
  • HR Business Plan
  • Alignment
  • Internal Communication Strategy

Employment Paperwork​

Due to on-going developments and updates to employment legislation, Employment Contracts, Job Descriptions and Handbooks need to be reviewed and updated regularly.

We look at your processes to see how this can be effectively managed without becoming administrative heavy.

At times of crisis, the ability to rely on accurate contracts in the workplace can avoid confusion and misunderstandings.

At EASI NZ we believe in simplifying processes to ensure updates can be easily administered by in house officers to reduce the cost of outside services. Alternatively, we can offer a fully outsourced service to suit your business requirements. Contact us for a chat about the service that works best for you.

  • Individual Employment Agreements (IEAs)
  • Job Descriptions
  • Terms of Employment Schedules
  • Company Operations / Handbooks

Organisational Development

Every company goes through periods of change and whilst much of this can be gently managed through day-to-day operations, other changes require more thought and change management over longer strategic timescales.

In today’s environment the ability to adapt through economic crisis’ can be essential to the existence of your business and we can help you to build business continuity and succession plans that enable you to flex with the market forces. Call us for a chat about how we can help prepare your business for the future

  • Employee Engagement
  • Policy Development
  • Change Management
  • Company Restructuring
  • Business Continuity
  • Succession Planning
  • Company Culture

To attract the very best Employees you need a strong Employer Brand. Branding starts at the heart of the business and sets the Culture of the product or service you provide to market. Strong Employer Branding aids in identifying the right people for the business based on individual and measurable values.

This Branding is what drives the development of your Job scope and the message you wish to send to prospective employees.

EASI NZ will help advise and manage the process from start to finish to ensure you maximise your opportunities to find the person who is the “best fit” for your business. Call us now to discuss what support you need to find the next superstar for your company.

  • Job Scoping
  • Recruitment Campaigns & Advice
  • Candidate Screening & Shortlisting
  • Interview support and training
  • Reference Checking

Performance & Remuneration

Performance Management enables you to monitor the productivity of your employees against the agreed business objectives. A well-structured process provides opportunities to continuously review training and support requirements along with Career Development, Succession Planning and Business Growth.

Effective Performance Management Plans (PMPs) can reduce the number of Disciplinary issues, as well as providing clear data for Remuneration and Commission plans

  • Performance Management Plans
  • Training & Development
  • Career Development
  • Disciplinary processes and records
  • Pay Agreements, Commission & Bonus Schemes
  • Employee Benefit packages and Non-Monetary incentives

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