Our services are tailored towards small to medium enterprises (SME) that don’t have a fulltime, in-house HR function or, are looking for additional support. Our goal is to work in partnership with your business to provide bespoke, end to end Human Resource support that enables you to achieve the very best with your team, maximising your time so you can focus on your core business.

EASI NZ knows that Human Resource services are about more than just hiring, firing, and maintaining the status quo. A quality Human Resource programme will align your people capabilities to work seamlessly with your business strategy, whilst streamlining the time required to focus on staffing challenges.

We are ready to assist you across recruitment to retention, performance and career development, succession planning and business continuity plans and, everything in between! We work with you to ensure that the people representing your business are in tune with your services and products, enabling your team to actively support or, look for opportunities to expand and/or maintain your market position.

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​Meet our team

Cherilyn Walthew

HR Business Partner / Director

2021 celebrates the 25-year anniversary for Cherilyn in the Human Resources sector which has crossed over many industries. Having started as a specialist IT recruiter, Cherilyn’s career has moved from sales and servicing to relationship management and strategic planning.

Lorne Knight

Remuneration and Compensation / Director

Along with extensive experience in the recruitment market, Lorne has operated at Executive Director level working for organisations across Europe. Lorne specialises in financial payment, commission and bonus schemes that work in tandem with company performance and profits.

Shirley Walthew

Employment Relations Associate

An employment relations specialist, Shirley has worked as a Union Organiser across various locations around New Zealand. Shirley specialises in Employee advocacy and workplace rights.

Danni McConnell

Recruitment Business Partner / Fixer

With over a decade of experience across New Zealand, Australia and the UK, Danni is our recruitment specialist who stays up to date with market developments, trends, and legal requirements to help support you through your recruitment journey. Danni has exceptional people skills that ensure your business brand and reputation is fully represented in the recruitment marketplace.

“Teamwork – coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress,
working together is success”
– Henry Ford.

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EASI NZ offers services that are registered with the Management Capability Development Voucher Fund